Got UA?

Been notified of an upcoming urinalysis?  Here are some of the more common party favors and the average length of time they are in your system, maybe this can help you plan ahead for the future inconveniences of nosy employers.

Alcohol24 hoursN/A12 hours
THC/Hash (single use)1 to 3 daysup to 90 days24 hours
THC/Hash (habitual use)14 to 30 daysup to 90 days2 days
Amphetamines (except meth)2 to 3 daysup to 90 days12 hours
Methamphetamine2 to 5 daysup to 90 days24 hours
Barbiturates (except phenobarbital)2 to 3 daysup to 90 days1 to 2 days
Phenobarbital7 to 14 daysup to 90 days4 to 7 days
Benzodiazepines1 to 7 daysup to 90 days6 to 48 hours
Weed?Bud (single use)1 to 3 daysup to 90 days24 hours
Weed/Bud (habitual use)up to 14 daysup to 90 days2 days
Cocaine1 to 3 daysup to 90 days24 hours
Codeine2 to 3 daysup to 90 days12 hours
Morphine2 to 3 daysup to 90 days6 hours
Heroin2 to 3 daysup to 90 days6 hours
LSD2 to 24 hoursunknown0 to 3 hours
PCP5 to 7 daysup to 90 days24 hours

So, you smoked all weekend and now its Monday and your fuck-hole of a boss warned you of a UA on Wednesday.  FUCK!  what do you do?  

Compare some of these products and PURCHASE AHEAD OF TIME if your employer likes to administer one of these tests at random times.

This one is good if you desire to cleanse your system rather than mask the toxins:

The Premium DetoxKit. 
 Morning Solution and the Premium Kit™ Evening Solution operate throughout the day and the night to guarantee a complete cleansing in 7-10 consecutive days.

Try this one if you only have a few hours warning prior to the test.  I know it says that it works in 60 minutes, but trust me, give it about 1 1/2 hours and its great:

Same day Marijuana (THC)  Kit.
 verified success rate 99.9% (over 97% for each product in the kit) 200% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED by manufacturer This helps you to pass a UA for up to 5 hours

And for cocaine use this:

2 Step COC/Cocaine Cleansing Program for persons under 200 LBS
This comes with everything you need. You take 2 pills a day prior to the test, there's enough pills for a whole month of preparation (even though its not needed as its out of your system in a day if your lucky) and then drink the cleanser with at least a liter of water.  Check 40 minutes later with the provided test strip to be sure you are clean. 

Every chance I get I will argue that the synthetic Mary Jane available for purchase at an overwhelming number of dispensaries isn't worth the high. However,  since it is still rather difficult to test for Spice, I would recommend it to the INFREQUENT user who is under constant scrutiny for what they do outside of work.

So keep your pipes full and toke in confidence that there are plenty of companies ready to ensure that you continue to have your lifestyle.


  1. sweet the perfect chart to help pass a drug test

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  3. yea, kinda difficult to get specific ad companies on your blog, in this case i was attempting to promote detox kits and ended up with all these rehab centers WTF

  4. thanks for the info! It will help when the time comes :D

  5. A guy I know actually used a friend's pee for a police test once.

    There was a cop right behind him as he peed in the cup, but he still pulled it off. Smelled bad tho.

  6. I used this stuff called Urineluck once, worked perfectly! I don't think they make it anymore.

  7. fullowin 'n' suppin :)


  8. lol i got 3 to 5 days for most of that shit to clear my system

  9. Nice stats, wasn't aware of the difference between habitual use and single was so great.

  10. haven't done anything in forever... careful with those piss tests!

  11. Great info, should come in handy some day.

  12. I'll agree Weed is awesome.
    Unfortunately my current job does random UA's, as in they tell you about a half hour before the UA, and escort you to the testing facility.

    Oh well, times are hard, and I need the work.

  13. It's all a conspiracy. LEGALIZE IT!!!

  14. not a whole lot you can do with a half hour notice....i'll look into it tho

  15. Great chart, everyone has theories but I always wondered how much this stuff really stays in your system.

  16. Great information, bro, next time, tell us how to get legal "high" stuff, I mean, "meds" but I'd really fuc_king like to know what are those and how to get em. Being high all day every day, would be exited!

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    Whats with the paypal linked pictures on the bottom?

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    kind of like how a wharehouse is inhabited by robots

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  27. thx for the chart, nosey employers suck

  28. Alcohol is more addictive than heroin, dude.

  29. think what you want, wikipedia knows everything.

  30. Useful information bro. I've already almost been caught once, got out of it because I almost died from drinkin too much water, haha.

  31. Awh thank God. This was a totally useful post. :)

  32. Great info! I have a lot about drugs and weed on my blog...

  33. I beat the test once in the MC with Ajax with bleach powder, wet it, formed it into a pea-sized ball, secreted on my person, flicked it into sample cup. Although the tests may be more sophisticated by now.

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