Top Ten Grow Tips

For you fellow entrepreneurs looking to beat the slumped economy by providing to the shops.


DO NOT Tell People(Silent Pride)
You can and will be extremely proud of your accomplishments as you successfully harvest your homegrown marijuana. KEEP YOUR SECRET. Ever heard of jealousy? Divorce? Revenge? - People listen and always want to feel important, don't make it their gossip. Protect yourself- Shut-up.

Keep Everything Clean (Spotless)
This means you too! Your tools, your floors, your walls, everything. It pays when there are no bugs, or disease, or an environment for them to spread. This is truly under-rated - wash your hands upon entry everyday.

Grow from Quality SeedsYour final product is 90% dependent upon it's genetics. Be prepared to be disappointed using unknown seeds. Hence the popularity of our website and these first quality marijuana seeds. You can trust us.

Develop A Quality SoilWhen you begin your garden, develop a soil that works well for you. Try starting with just Miracle-Grow Potting Soil if you wish. PH should balance around 6.5 for most cannabis plants. 

DO NOT Over Water (most common mistake)
Too much water can kill young marijuana plants. Following germination, allow the surface to get crusty. Stick your finger 3-4 inches under the soil, if no moisture, then water thoroughly. Sink water should sit open for 24 hours or more to release chlorine among other potentially harmful sediments.

DO NOT Over Fertilize (2nd most common mistake)
If your soil contains certain nutrients, do not add more of these with your watering schedule. When adding nutrients to your water, -apply every other watering. The vegetative stage likes more Nitrogen, and the flowering stage like more Phosphates and less Nitrogen.

Provide A Superior Growing Environment
Temperature, humidity, air circulation and personal attention are all vital areas that can make for a most stress free growing environment (or not). Work to keep these consistent. Play music to your garden and have a mild breeze pass around the room during certain hours. Talk to your plants.  Invest in their individual happiness, and you will prosper greatly in your future satisfaction.

Keep Disposal SeparateKeep all of the trash from your garden in separate bags from your other refuse (includes anything). Dispose of all your garden garbage into an available commercial dumpster when needed. Be sure to remove and destroy any paper trail items. A fireplace can be a wonderful amenity to a residential property.

DO NOT Harvest Too EarlyThis can be tough. Be patient, you have waited and nurtured for this long. Your plants can probably gain weight by waiting too. To be sure, wait until 50% of the pistils have turned brown and you know you won't be early. I have also harvested from the bottom or top over a couple of days based on bud appearance to get them at their most mature.

Weed may stop HIV progression?

Stoned as fuck and surfing the net I stumbled on this article:

 "Drugs that target one of the two cellular receptors stimulated by the active ingredient in marijuana may prove to be effective at blocking a form of HIV that has been linked to faster disease progression during late stages of the infection." 

One more reason to federally legalize. 

Vacation Time

Whats up fellow stoners? I'll keep this short and to the point.  I'm going on vacation for about 8 months. not sure where, maybe south east aisia, maybe backpacking in a few europian countries, but either way for the next few days i will heavily support my supporters, ie bloggers on my friends list. (not on my friends list? send an invite!)

Now im gonna go smoke up in light of groundhog day. Apparently the little fucker wasn't scared by his shadow and if in your pagan religion you really believe animal behaviors are signs from divine beings then I guess you and  your fellow pagan followers will be due for an early spring.  If we're gonna have such an early spring then why for fuck sake is half the country covered in snow? Shit is stupid.

Get high and live life.


Apparently its a big deal when a blogger reaches 100 followers.  I say this because 3 out of 4 will blog about it.  Well I missed blogging about it because I was too busy getting stoned. My apologies.  Maybe when I reach 200 I will waste my time typing, your time reading and Blogger's data space by posting about something that can be clearly seen in the right hand side of my blog page.  Again, I apologize.

Economy got you down? Grow your own shit!

There are many factors to consider prior to growing grass.  Start off with a box lined in foil shiny side out with a hole in top for a grow light?  or a fish tank with regulated water irrigation and Co2? or fuck it, just throw some seeds in some dirt with some egg shells and see what happens.  this is my favorite site to get high quality seeds.  they also post germination and grow tips and provide some ideas on things like how to choose a good location for and set up your grow room.  pretty informative site. check it out

Happy Holidays and may your bags and bongs be full

Marijuana Breathalyzer?

So apparently back in 2002 the government approved funding to develop and test a breathalyzer for marijuana and other drugs such as cocaine.  Since one of the few arguments for anti-legalization is that there is no way to on site test for influence in drivers then I say, what the hell happened to the unit they were testing 8 years ago?  With this new information Im starting to think that the project was abandoned just so there would be grounds to maintain the prohibition against our beloved grass.  Either that or officials do not agree on a legal limit such as we have with alcohol.  Faithful readers and loyalists to the cause, what is your opinion?   

Its gonna get expensive

So I was cruising around the net and found this article.  A huge shipment of about 30 tons of grass was discovered by Customs and Border Protection and the California Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement in Otey CA.  Bad news for anyone lookin to buy in bulk.  Check out the link.                                                                                        

Prop 19

Prop 19, the Cali initiative to decriminalize the possession of up to an oz and allow 25 square feet of plants for recreational use, was overturned last tuesday. This is a sad day in Cali history.

Got UA?

Been notified of an upcoming urinalysis?  Here are some of the more common party favors and the average length of time they are in your system, maybe this can help you plan ahead for the future inconveniences of nosy employers.

Alcohol24 hoursN/A12 hours
THC/Hash (single use)1 to 3 daysup to 90 days24 hours
THC/Hash (habitual use)14 to 30 daysup to 90 days2 days
Amphetamines (except meth)2 to 3 daysup to 90 days12 hours
Methamphetamine2 to 5 daysup to 90 days24 hours
Barbiturates (except phenobarbital)2 to 3 daysup to 90 days1 to 2 days
Phenobarbital7 to 14 daysup to 90 days4 to 7 days
Benzodiazepines1 to 7 daysup to 90 days6 to 48 hours
Weed?Bud (single use)1 to 3 daysup to 90 days24 hours
Weed/Bud (habitual use)up to 14 daysup to 90 days2 days
Cocaine1 to 3 daysup to 90 days24 hours
Codeine2 to 3 daysup to 90 days12 hours
Morphine2 to 3 daysup to 90 days6 hours
Heroin2 to 3 daysup to 90 days6 hours
LSD2 to 24 hoursunknown0 to 3 hours
PCP5 to 7 daysup to 90 days24 hours

So, you smoked all weekend and now its Monday and your fuck-hole of a boss warned you of a UA on Wednesday.  FUCK!  what do you do?  

Compare some of these products and PURCHASE AHEAD OF TIME if your employer likes to administer one of these tests at random times.

This one is good if you desire to cleanse your system rather than mask the toxins:

The Premium DetoxKit. 
 Morning Solution and the Premium Kit™ Evening Solution operate throughout the day and the night to guarantee a complete cleansing in 7-10 consecutive days.

Try this one if you only have a few hours warning prior to the test.  I know it says that it works in 60 minutes, but trust me, give it about 1 1/2 hours and its great:

Same day Marijuana (THC)  Kit.
 verified success rate 99.9% (over 97% for each product in the kit) 200% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED by manufacturer This helps you to pass a UA for up to 5 hours

And for cocaine use this:

2 Step COC/Cocaine Cleansing Program for persons under 200 LBS
This comes with everything you need. You take 2 pills a day prior to the test, there's enough pills for a whole month of preparation (even though its not needed as its out of your system in a day if your lucky) and then drink the cleanser with at least a liter of water.  Check 40 minutes later with the provided test strip to be sure you are clean. 

Every chance I get I will argue that the synthetic Mary Jane available for purchase at an overwhelming number of dispensaries isn't worth the high. However,  since it is still rather difficult to test for Spice, I would recommend it to the INFREQUENT user who is under constant scrutiny for what they do outside of work.

So keep your pipes full and toke in confidence that there are plenty of companies ready to ensure that you continue to have your lifestyle.

according to wikipedia

The smoking of cannabis is the most harmful method of consumption, as the inhalation of smoke from organic materials can cause various health problems.[71]
By comparison, studies on the vaporization of cannabis found that subjects were "only 40% as likely to report respiratory symptoms as users who do not vaporize, even when age, sex, cigarette use, and amount of cannabis consumed are controlled."[72] Another study found vaporizers to be "a safe and effective cannabinoid delivery system."[73][74]

Cannabis is ranked one of the least harmful drugs by a study published in the UK medical journal, The Lancet.[75]
While a study in New Zealand of 79 lung-cancer patients suggested daily cannabis smokers have a 5.7 times higher risk of lung cancer than non-users,[76] another study of 2252 people in Los Angeles failed to find a correlation between the smoking of cannabis and lung, head or neck cancers.[77] Some studies have also found that moderate cannabis use may protect against head and neck cancers,[78] as well as lung cancer.[79] Some studies have shown that cannabidiol may also be useful in treating breast cancer.[80] These effects have been attributed to the well documented anti-tumoral properties of cannabinoids, specifically tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol.

compliments of wikipedia:Spice

No official studies have been conducted on its effects on humans.[23] Though its effects are not well documented, extremely large doses may cause negative effects that are generally not noted in marijuana users, such as increased agitation and vomiting.[24]Professor John W. Huffman who first synthesised many of the cannabinoids used in synthetic cannabis is quoted as saying, "People who use it are idiots"[23]. You don't know what it's going to do to you."[25] A three gram package of Spice is said by one study, to have the same health effects on the lungs as a packet of cigarettes, although no conclusive evidence of this exists outside of the study.[6] A user who consumed 3 g of Spice Gold every day for several months showed withdrawal symptoms, similar to those associated with withdrawing from the use of narcotics. Doctors treating the user also noted that his use of the product showed signs associated with addiction.[26] One case has been reported where a user, who had previously suffered from cannabis induced recurrent psychotic episodes, suffered reactivation of their symptoms after using Spice. Psychiatrists treating him have suggested that the lack of an antipsychotic chemical, similar to cannabidiol found in natural cannabis, may make synthetic cannabis more likely to induce psychosis than natural cannabis.[27]

so whats the deal...

So whats up with spice, k2, jwh-018 or whatever you wanna call it. is it really that awesome? it supposedly does the same thing as weed but i keep hearin of people going into seizures from an overdose. ever hear of someone odin on weed? FUCK NO! i think spice should be banned and weed legalized. yea sure, cannabis plants can be used for all kinds of shit, hemp rope, hemp chothes, removing carbon from the air at an alarming rate and blah blah blah who cares about that? it gets us stoned as fuck but doesn't land us in a fucking hospital bed. so someone just tell me, why trade weed for spice?